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Smart technologies for tire maintenance

Our technological solutions will reduce the budget for tires by an average of 30%, increase tire service life, exclude vehicle downtime and ensure safe running.
Stop seeing tires as expandable materials. It is one of your main assets. We can help you manage it properly.
More than 50% of all vehicle downtime is directly related to incorrect tire pressure.
Operating costs of a transport company depend on tire operation.
According to statistics, the average decrease in a truck tire service life is 25% due to the lack of constant pressure monitoring.
Every 10% deviation from the correct pressure increases tire wear by 15%.
The excess fuel consumption is 2.5% when the pressure is reduced by 15%, and it is 5% when the pressure is reduced by 30%.

Our solutions for your tires

Tire pressure monitoring is a key factor in tire management, and tire operating temperature is a factor that explains many damages.
Advantage PressurePro tire pressure and temperature monitoring system
The system is based on unique one-piece, shock-resistant and vibration-resistant sensors with an internal battery, which constantly measure the pressure and temperature of the tire.

The sensors convert the mechanical impact of the air into a radio signal and transmit it to the monitor in the driver's cab every 7 seconds, 12 342 times a day.
We are the only authorized Master Distributor of APP Company on the territory of the Russian Federation, the former USSR countries and Eastern Europe.
Advantage PressurePro, headquartered in Harrisonville, the USA, is a developer and manufacturer of PressurePro tire pressure and temperature monitoring systems (TPMS). Since the invention of the technology by the founder of the company, Phillip Zaroor in 1991, it has been setting the global standard for TPMS by offering the most advanced and reliable solutions to customers.

All PressurePro equipment is designed and manufactured in the USA. It is distributed around the world through authorized distributors.
PressurePro is committed to revolutionizing tire performance management
Phillip Zaroor

Generations of the system with different signal receiving devices:
arm drivers with performance data, moving or parked
provide the most comprehensive warning system
guides users seamlessly through installation and use
Real time pressure and temperature readings
5 unique alerts
Custom designed PressurePro App (Android/iOS)
Push notifications and warning light
ensure important notifications receiving even when "out of app"
Tracking 40+ tires with 0.5-15 BAR pressure
this method lets us to get success in problems of all levels
Vehicle naming and data storage
add ability to monitor and switch between multiple vehicles
PressurePro FX
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
PressurePro Pulse
Customizable vehicle layouts
View up to 10 vehicles at once, up to 5 stored
6 customizable alerts
Quick glance TPMS alert
Easy to read display
J1939 and RS232 operation
3 different viewing modes
Intuitive operation
Real time pressure and temperature readings
Настраиваемая схема транспортного средства
Просмотр до 10 ТС за раз, до 5 в памяти
Дополнительный индикатор отклонения давления и температуры
Удобный и понятный дисплей
3 режима просмотра
Built in data logging
13–36 V
0,5—20,5 BAR
Up to 70 positions
From -40°C to + 70°C
+/– 1°C
Data storage
Software update
Measurement error is only 2%
Constant pressure monitoring
Show pressure and temperature in all positions on the wheel layout
When reaching a «hot» pressure, the system temporarily takes it as a baseline
It is set manually for high and low pressure, starting from 6%
Dynamic pressure base
Customizable alerts
It is carried out when the sensor is screwed onto the valve. You can set the base pressure for each axle and position separately on the display
If there is no change in pressure for a long time and it is within permissible limits, the sensor goes into "sleep mode" (from 5 to 120 minutes), which significantly increases the service life of sensors
The system allows you to set the time limit to monitor the adjusted percentage of pressure deviation and leak detection
Sensor programming (base pressure)
«Sleep mode»
Pressure monitoring time period
The system gives you password protection abilities of monitor settings menu to eliminate accidental or intentional tampering with settings
The system signals in case of uneven pressure along the axle
Differentiation of access rights
Axle pressure
Pulse PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system specifications
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Crosstyre — is the first smart pressure equalizer for twin tires
Pilot tests at a number of mining enterprises have already shown the planned result, which is maintaining a proper pressure in the twin tires and reducing tires wear in the long term by up to 10%
Forget about slippage, disproportionate loading, uneven wear, overheating and thermal degradation of tires.
The pressure equalization in the twin tires allows increasing the service life up to 15%. Braking and overall safety are improved by stabilizing the contact patch. Longer service life and fuel saving are obtained by reducing the rolling resistance. Air leakage protection is provided: if a tire is damaged, the air flow from the other tire is automatically cut off.

What is the basis of technology? Crosstyre is a dynamic alignment valve. It is fully mechanical, therefore as reliable as a hand hammer. This is a Russian engineering device, which has no analogues in the world. Crosstyre ensures the same pressure in both tires of the two twin wheels of a mine dump truck.
100% mechanics, no electronics
Pressure deviation in the twin tires does not exceed 1–2% at the moment
Configurable line blocking threshold is from 3 to 10 bar
Wide temperature range
Operates in the range from -50 to +70°С
100% mechanics, no electronics
Pressure deviation in the twin tires does not exceed 1–2% at the moment
Configurable line blocking threshold is from 3 to 10 bar
Wide temperature range
Operates in the range from -50 to +70°С

Tire Management system

Tire Management system is an indispensable aid to any tire engineer helping to make a smart tire choice in any kind of transport company.
Only a few people in charge of inventory and monitoring - tire engineers or maintenance engineers - know the general picture of the tire operation in the company. Tire inventory is usually done manually using electronic spreadsheets. But it can be done in a different way with better quality.
The enTIRE package with a user-friendly interface, a large number of templates and highly customizable reports is a valuable technical tool for assessing all aspects of the tire operation, which is essential when making purchasing decisions.
The unique software package monitors tire inventories and their real operating efficiency
• operating time in hours, kilometers and tons of transported rock per tire;
• wear rate by brand, size, type of vehicle and position on the vehicle;
• cost per hour of operation, one kilometer of run and transportation of a ton of rock;
• location and status of all tires and discs (even those that are in repair);
• supply of tires and discs;
• causes of failure;
• expected time, volume and difficulty of tire service work;
• complete and detailed history of each tire and disc.
Over 15 years we have accumulated a vast experience and analytical base, allowing us to find optimal solutions for everyone at a reasonable price.
protected by the PressurePro system in our projects
More than 20,000 tires
More than 250
completed projects
TYREMAN Group is the first and only company in Russia working exclusively in the field of tire maintenance
We are trusted by more than 250 companies in Russia and the CIS countries
We are focused on long-term partnerships. Technical tools are selected for specific tasks and for achieving the most effective result.
We speak English!
Find out how technology for tire maintenance of TYREMAN GROUP works
Tires do not run out of service due to improper use. Worn tires increase fuel consumption and the possibility of accidents. To avoid this, it is enough to control two parameters: pressure and temperature.
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